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Related post: Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 18:14:55 +0100 From: Gerry Taylor Subject: The Reluctant Retrainer - Chapters 15 & 16These are the 15th and 16th chapters of The Reluctant Retrainer, part two of a trilogy of novels underage small pussy of gay sex.Keywords:authority, control, slavery, punishment, re-training, submission, loyaltyThis story underage ******** gallery is entirely a work of fiction and all rights to it and its characters are copyright and private to and reserved by the author. No reproduction by anyone for any reason whatsoever is permitted.If underage boy tgp you are underage to read this kind of material or if this material will be unlawful for you preeteen underage girls to read where your live, please leave his webpage now.Contact points:eMail: gerrytaylor78hotmail.comWeb: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Erotic_Gay_StoriesThe Reluctant Retrainer by Gerry TaylorChapter 15 -- underage hentai fucking `K'Leaving the Swedes to the Lego-like building of their sauna, which had arrived in a hundred and one parts, I left Kuwait for London on the new Concorde for the monthly meeting at Deckams. The shuttle flight up from Dahra had been uneventful.It turned out to be a full meeting except for the partner from Buenos Aires who was in hospital for a kidney stone or some such thing. Our Tokyo partner, Tommy Elford had seen his shipbuilding finance deal gel and he was looking forward, or so he told me, to letting us all know just how much it was going to make for the Bank -- and of course, for himself by way of bonuses.Our chairman, Charlie Deckam, caught my eye as the partners were milling around for coffee before the meeting and we slipped underage hentai videos into his office.`So, what, Jonathan have you and Gustav been underage in thongs up to in Dahra?'He had this easygoing way about him of underage ing free going to the heart of a matter and at the same time never encroaching on your territory.`Busy as ever, Charlie. The whole area is booming with the gas find.'Going over to his leather-covered desk, he retrieved a folded letter, which he handed me. The paper was so heavy it would have barely creased. `The Palace wants to give you a `K', at 38 years of age. Nothing less than Knight Commander of Saints Michael and George. Have you and Gustav been slaying dragons?'I could not understand why he was mentioning Gustav Ahlson, our general manager in the Dahra branch.`They asked me to sound you out. It is a bit rum, you know, for the Palace to ask, I mean. Normally it is the PM's office nowadays. So, I asked Timmy' -- one of the minor royals with whom he had been at Bayton -- `what was up? Timmy, informs me that the request was from the Court of Uppsala itself, monarch to monarch no less, and that the original request was from a Count Gustav Ahlson.'`Oops,' I thought. I had not mentioned to Charlie -- and he is related to half the Royal houses of Europe and Krysti, his wife to the other half -- that Gustav had been made a count. nude and underage Well, after all, it was a private and confidential matter.`I think, Charlie, that you and underage top 100 I had better have lunch over this best underage tgp and I shall spill the beans.'`And what, dear Jonathan, do I tell the Palace?'`I suppose, it will do the Bank no harm to have a knight on the board.'`No harm at all, ` he murmured.Under A.O.B. he gave the underage topless videos news to the Board that I was to be knighted for services to banking and allowed himself to be the first to offer his congratulations, asking the board to keep it under wraps for a week or so, until it was announced by the Palace.Lunch turned out to be like a confession for past demeanours. I filled Charlie in. He did not interrupt until I had said `And that, Charlie, is the whole story, so help me God.'`Did you know, Jonathan, that we were in slaves until the 1840's or so? -- the family I mean, not the Bank. We sold up in the US and went into tea in Ceylon and cattle down in The Argentine as those countries were then called. So, don't feel too bad about it -- you are only catching up on the family.'Charlie was pragmatic if he was anything.`But it does explain another matter,' he underage twinks nude continued `and I must see how we handle it. I was approached when out shooting some months back by a chap who was with me at Oxbridge. His family have always been into spying since the Iron Duke himself. He knew, of course, that we have a branch in Dahra, but was wondering if I knew why the Swedes would have one of their satellites, the EricBird VII, in permanent geodesic orbit right over Dahra. Permanently so, beauty angel underage mind you. It seems the satellite was monitoring, among other things, thirty four short-wave pulses, twenty five of which were also being monitored also by ArabSAT IV, which he informed me was their personnel monitoring satellite. He did not tell me, naughty boy that he was, that that personnel in Dahra included slaves. So, if twenty three are Gustav's slaves, and there are three, I am led to believe, at the embassy whom I presume for their own safety they would monitor, plus Gustav himself, our Swedish friends must be monitoring a further four persons in Dahra. Do you have any idea, Jonathan, how many further Swedish nationals are in Dahra on a permanent basis? Oh, and then he rang me some weeks later to say little underage virgin the number of pulses had jumped to thirty five.'I thought to myself that that would have been the arrival of Thor. It was a little mystery. Who were the other five?I had a number of items of shopping to do and passed through Hassods to order a full range of new kitchen items for Flavio. A lot of what he was using dated back some thirty or so years from two generations back. Bob told me later that he almost cried when five underage forum crates arrived with the latest in kitchenware.It was while I getting the kitchenware items for Flavio that I remembered the single loop neck chainlets which each of the original six slaves had worn when the al-Akhri brothers present them to me. They had been very stylish and in the absence of cloths on the slave -- their only other adornment being the titanium slave bracelet on their right ankle.I therefore went over to Taspells, the jewellers, and bought forty loop necklaces in gold -- just a simple unadorned chain that slipped through a loop at one end, the second end underage teenage pics being a tear shaped drop of the precious metal. I told them to remember the type for future reference. One can never be sure in underage sexdoll Dahra when another underage gays fucking slave will be acquired, or won or presented or even reluctantly bought!I also visited a spe******t shop in Soho to purchase a number of items for the retraining room to keep it in the latest lines of equipment and gadgets which might retrain a slave pedo children underage quickly and efficiently.London, however, itself was miserable in November and I longed for the warmth of Dahra. I had been very good and for five days was abstemious of all sex related matters.But one final matter I would have to look for and that was something for Gustav for his oblique recommendation of royal honour. I finally found something which I thought he would like and old atlas of his country from the very early eighteenth century, with each of the old royal and baronial divisions, so finely done that they had actual separating blank pages of underage fashion models some sort of vellum between each map.Chapter 16 -- TeachersI was happy to get back to Dahra. The sauna was finished and was now an extension underage jacking off of the swimming pool area and capable of taking twenty five or so perspiring bodies at a time.Yuriy, the stables manager, told me proudly that the fields where now producing so much that we were not only self-sufficient in all vegetables but that from the following week next I need to think what to do with the surplus.The Palace actually used very little by way of vegetables, as only the professional medical staff and I ate ordinary food.So, here was Yuriy saying that we were now more boys bbs underage than self-sufficient in vegetables. I asked him what would he suggest and with a wicked grin, he immediately produced a hard cardboard box of the type you would have tomatoes in, but with Aloe Palace printed in green of a golden yellow background. Just that -- Aloe Palace. Nothing more, as if to say, the quality speaks for itself.From that following week, a full Transit van of vegetables would be collected stacked on their pallets six days a week and loaded up by himself while the slaves would still be indoors at ablutions underage russians and breakfast.I had Aziz put up some forty pegs in the slave quarters as you might find for hanging hats or coats. He looked at me when bbs photos underage the request was made. I merely smiled back at him.After the evening gym and swim on the evening after my return, I had Aziz ensure that all were at the pool and before my own slaves and the Swedes, I called Aziz forward and put the gold necklace loop around his neck, followed by Yuriy, who was bursting with pride and lastly Greg.Yedo, Radek and Jess had also come forward each to look at `their' assistant overseer's gold adornment. Radek had looked round in apprehension when I called out his name and produced one for him.There was absolute silence as each name was called out and each of my slaves came forward to receive their gift from, but also their symbol of ownership by me. When Raoul had received his, out of the underage porn thailand corner of my eye, I saw that Drink had his head on Food's shoulder crying, who in turn had his arm around Drink's neck. Neither had ever received anything of their own in twenty one years and it must have been a bit much for them.`Now, Aziz, you know what the pegs are for. When anyone is not working or training, they can hang up their necklace in safety.'Gustav's slaves used rotate themselves by fives back to his home on the outskirts. That weekend, Thor, being the youngest and who normal stayed at the Aloe Palace, returned to Gustav's underage porno child home with the returning five when new five arrived full of the joys of country life.For me personally, perhaps, looking back on it now, those months were perfect. Komil, who in his army days had taken many a new recruit to bed and who had not been bottomed by anyone until by me, became the most gifted of lovers both bottom and top. Strange that so many underage sex preview very large underage young nn men can move in balletic steps in and out of bed, but shaved underage he had this gift of using his body with grace and feeling.The night when he received his underage schoolgirls galleries necklace when I hentia underage arrived at the bedroom suite, instead of going to `display' as I arrived in, he came underage hardcore fucking forward in two steps, all six foot eight of him, and lifted me to shoulder height and then on the bed. Never were cloths so quickly taken from my body, and then he said, `Do you underage teen nudes surrender yourself to me tonight?'`Where did you learn a word like `surrender'?`In English class,' he grinned and repeated, `Do underage pregnant you surrender?'`Yes, I surrender'With that, he took some flower that was among a display beside the bed, and taking off some petals dropped them on my eyes. Then he was gone off my body and off the bed. I felt a breeze on my toes and realised that it was his breath on them. It was first of a series of touches which left me for over an hour begging internally for release, but at the same time hoping no release would come, as he found one erogenous zone after another in my petalled blindness.I felt my knees being underaged boy porn bent as I lay on my back and a very wet finger being inserted into my back passage. It was not wetness. It was water-based lubricant. I knew the feel of it having used my share of a supply of it on his anus over the past weeks.Then there was a breeze on my eyelids and the petals were gone. Komil's face was inches from mine where he had blown the petals away.`Do you still surrender?' and he looked down at himself. His three-inch diameter cock was at its full twelve-inch length. My eyes followed his. While I have in my time been taken, I do not think I had anything quite so large inside me.`Do you still surrender?'I said `I do' looking up into his eyes with their strange look of longing, and to emphasise the point I put my hand up behind my head.If the first hour had been heaven, the second hour was ecstasy as with ingrained gentleness he took me to the edge of bliss and back so many times that I lost count. While his penis was undoubtedly large and hard and beautiful underage girls porn inside me, it was none of those underage hard things in the physical sense, but rather an extension of his mind, a merely externalisation of the passion and love he felt. And Komil clearly felt a lot.Suddenly, his breathing became ragged and uncoordinated, he pulled out of me just to the edge of his sizeably corona and flange, and pushed hard into me, at the same underage xxx webcams time scooping me up into his arms so that I was actually sitting underage vaginas impaled on his kneeling lap and extended manhood. His giant hands pulled me done a single time on his erection and inside me there was a spilling of warmth which went on and on in jerking spasm. I covered his mouth with mine, and he groaned until his spasm was finished. I had not ejaculated but such was the intensity of his cumming that mine would have been a mere postscript, and such a statement of his love required no such postscripts whatsoever.I closed my eyes and upon opening them could under age cum not believe that it was morning. I turned in the bed to find Komil nude underage models already awake and looking at me. As slaves are supposed to be milked by their buddies in the morning, I said to him, `Hand or mouth?' as is the im underage slave's choice.`Mouth, Master,' and as I sucked him off, there was the slightest taste still of the lubricant on his cock, and a taste of something else. Ah, yes, my own juices which were never sweeter.When three hacked underage incest minutes later Komil returned the favour, I too said `Mouth.'Some days later at the Bank, Gustav Ahlson, over our morning coffee, which was when we seemed to have most time for each other, said `I have a strange request and am not sure how to nn model underage handle it.'Trying to second-guess him, I said `You don't like the maps and want to send them back.'He underage naked latinas laughed, `If it were only as simple as that! Thor spoke to me last night and asked me to sell him.'`Sell him? You can't underage hentai pic do that! He is only a kid!'`A kid with the body of a nineteen year old and the feelings of a twelve year old. How anyone could let him go hitchhiking across Europe, even with a girlfriend, is beyond me! I just don't know. He wants me to sell him to you, Jonathan.'Now it underage nudemodel pics was my turn to be dumbstruck.`Apparently something happened at the Aloe Palace. He won't underage rapenfl schedule way what. He merely says that if I love him, I will sell him to you. What a confused kid!'`I think I know what happened' and I explained to dark underage pics him the bit about the gold necklaces. `I think that if I own him and give him a necklace he believes that I will somehow love him and that somehow he will belong more than he does at the moment. Sorry, Gustav, this is one you are going to have to work out on your own,' and I shook my head as I finished my coffee.I was no sooner back in my own office when my private line went. It was the slave dealer in al-Qatim. When Ross had put in his request about the Arabic and English teachers, I had underaged young porn contacted the slave dealers. His database was extensive with all sorts of cross-references and he said that he would come back to me with a selection. I told him to take his time and that I was also considering contacting the auction rooms as al-Mera. He replied that there would be no need for that that he would look after it himself. He had also said, that if I put in a special request, one could be `lifted' to order. I told him `absolutely underaged mpeg no' to that last suggestion.That had been over frre teen underage a week ago. Now, he was back and had his selection made, two of whom he had in person and four whom he knew where to locate.I asked him what that meant and he said that very underage nudes among the current batches of slaves there were only two that underage female ejaculation might meet my requirements, but he knew where there were existing slaves in Dahra who also matched the specification in four cases. He also suggested that if I were to pay a reasonably small fee, the four, not already in the current batches, could be brought for inspection to the al-Qatim auction rooms. I told him to do that and he suggested a day and time two days hence.The auction rooms were as I remembered them. Cool and elegant. This time there was no noise, no hubbub of background conversation. I was the only one, the only buyer so to speak. I was introduced to a second slave dealer, whom I recognised as being from underage illegal photos al-Mera. The two slaves in stock were his, not those of the dealer of al-Qatim. underagehome com galleries These two underage nude pix dealers clearly worked in synchronisation on certain deals.Between the two of them they had files on the six slaves. They had not sent around the usual dossier as they said the other four slaves were not officially for auction. There were four slaves who were there as Arabic teachers and two as teachers of English.It was my first time actually seeing slaves who, to put it bluntly, were not first class. One of the Arabs had had an arm broken at some point and it had not set properly again. Another was missing part of a foot. underaged model bbs While all spoke Arabic as a native tongue, three of underage japanes them had taught other subjects but not underaged nude art Arabic itself.The fourth was, allegedly thirty two years old, slightly darker in colouring than the others and had taught Arabic and Chemistry in a secondary school in Mogadishu, Somalia. We spoke for a while and though his Arabic had a slight inflection, which the dealers assured me was the Somali accent, it was underage erotica videos fluent, perfectly clear, grammatically and syntactically correct.I inspected him as I had got to know how to do. His eyes underage admirers usenet were clear and teeth in reasonable shape. Strange how teeth can be a barometer of the body's overall health. His cut member was thick but not long, and felt quite warm in the palm of my hand. Looking him in the eyes as I gently squeezed it until he had an erection of around six-inches but very thick, he only blinked twice. The purple glans of his cock curved slightly up and to the right. His balls were very low hung due to some form of heavy metal between his penis proper and his testicles, but both balanced well when weighed. I told him to `bend and spread'. He was perfectly well from the rear and my poking with a single finger showed tightness. Happy with him, I did not even bother to inspect the others.The English teachers again petite underage illegal were little or no contest. The one nearest to me was a thirty five year old New Zealander who had been working as a roustabout on one of the oil rigs and had hurt a Dahran in a brawl.His eyes were clear. His teeth were bad; in fact, I could smell his bad breath, which was unusual in this climate if the slave was on biscuits.He wasn't very big, but judging by the number of welts and ridges on his back, he had been punished a number of times and severely. While a brawl is not enough to merit slavery in Dahra, I looked in his dossier and could only see that he was enslaved for `other crimes.' His background was that he had underaged girls gallerie studied English as a minor, with geology as his major, but he had no teaching experience at all.I asked him what `other crimes' meant on his file to warrant enslavement. He swallowed and said `When they sentenced me to two months in jail for a fight that the other guy caused, I shouted at the judges that they could to fuck themselves and that when I got out I would fuck their wives.'That had been eight years previously.`Nothing else?' I asked sarcastically.`No, Master,' he replied respectfully.`Turn round. Bend and spread.'His hips and back had been horney underage more heavily beaten than I had first seen. His back passage was a mass of haemorrhoids.`What happened back there?'`Broom handles, Master.'The other slave was a thirty eight year old Scot, whose young underage bbs body hair was carrot red. He was quite pale skinned and a mass of freckles all over little underage pics his body. He was according to his file an inveterate gambler and had been lifted in Egypt for failing to pay debts he had underage image boards left outstanding. But underage porn thumbs he was also a graduate in English and a TEFLer, a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Now that was more like it!He did however at eleven underage cyber nudes and a hot underage boys half stone appear a bit on the thin side for just over six feet.Both his nipples had been pierced and were long and distended with a metal chain held between two rings.Maybe it was because of his thinness, but his uncut cock was magnificent at 9 inches flaccid long. On taking it in the palm of my hand, he did ******** underage porn not budge, nor did he illegal underage fotos when I squeezed it softly and it firmed up to just over 10 inches.`Bend goth underage and spread'Without a word, he did. He even had freckles right into the crack of his ass whose underage porn illegal anus appeared almost childlike it was so small.A smack on his buttocks was the sign to stand up.`Has anyone ever been up you back there?'`No, Master, only the vet's finger before the auction.' The voice was surprisingly accent free. A slight Scottish burr.`You don't have much of an accent for a Scot!' -- neither of the two would have known my purpose in inspecting them and I would have bet that the dealers had not bothered to tell them anything.`No, Master, I was an English teacher and I always spoke without an accent.'`Well, almost without an accent.'`Yes, underage fotos nude Master.'Looking at free underage thumbnails his file -- Andy McTee - I saw that he had been a slave for four years and was now working in a leather factory on the outskirts of al-Qatim itself.The dealers were hovering around.`The Somali? What would his owner be looking for him?'Neither of the two of whom I was thinking were the property of the dealers.`And you can add another 10% to your commission as your search fee', I said.There was some inter-dealer murmuring and the al-Qatim dealer finally said `twenty five thousand euro, Master, plus the 10%.'I made as if to wash my hands of an Arabic teacher, and the dealer dropped to `twenty three thousand euro, Master, would be the owner's lowest price. Plus the 10% the Master has so generously offered.'That meant that they would pay the owner a maximum of less than twenty thousand.`All right. Done!' and the Somali slave whose name was Hassan Dufhar was mine.`Now the pale one over there.'Again the bargaining, and we settled on twenty four thousand, plus their 10% for Andy McTee.We started to move off towards the offices, when the New Zealander spoke, having obviously been following the conversation.`Master?'The al-Qatim dealer had murder in his eyes. I had never seen him so angry -- sexy underage ******** possibly at the mere thought of a slave speaking first to a Master, but more porn stories underage likely at the possibility of a double sale being ruined. I motioned them to continue on and that I would join them.`Master,' he said dropping to his knees, `Master, if you ever want the most obedient slave you will ever get, the dealer' -- nodding underage forced movies towards the al-Mera dealer - `knows where I work' and he looked towards the ground as if he had said far far too underage jockstrap much, which in fact he had. underage sex illegal I would not like to have been in his place once I left.`For whom should I ask, if that were ever to happen. What's your name?' In fact, I already knew it from the dossier, but for some reason, I felt I needed to ask it.`Stan Mercer, Master. But if I were yours you could call me anything you liked.'There was firmness in the voice, resignation indeed, but no self-pity.Then he said, `You are the retrainer, Master, aren't you?'`Where did you hear that?'`I heard the dealers talking of how you have broken slaves who disobey.'`Have you now? Stand up, Stan, I'll remember the name if ever 3d underage henti I need a most obedient slave' -- his rather large nose ring hid the expression on his face or at least distorted underage photos xxx it.He stood up and went to a not underage sex picture too effective `display.'I paid over two Bank drafts of twenty five and the balance in cash. Something was niggling at the back of my mind. When I look back at it now, I can, hand on heart, say that it was Fate knocking at the door of my mind.`And what would be the price of the other English teacher?'The al-Mera dealer was pleasantly surprised at the enquiry. When he suggested twenty three thousand, I reminded them of the slave's back, welts and the condition of his arse, and said that if they wanted to make an offer to his Master of fifteen thousand, then I would consider buying him.`Plus the 10% commission, Master?'`Done. You will accept a personal check on this last one. little underage cp I have no more Bank drafts?'There were more smiles all round. I drew the line at paying for slaves by credit card.`Deliver the three of them this evening after six to the Aloe Palace.'On arrival at the Aloe young underage xxx Palace, I informed nn panties underage Aziz of my purchases. He seemed pleased on the surface hearing of the underage fondling Arabic teacher. I also offered him first refusal on Stan Mercer. He declined and I saw his eye wander to Yedo who as usual was standing waiting for his most minimal order. No, indeed, I unlegal underage porn thought to myself, why take milk, when you can cream, or indeed, why spoil a good thing?I then offered Stan tongue in cheek busty underage to Yuriy, who had come in late, to help him run the production of the vegetables, which had to be ready early morning. He was pleased as punch with having a new assistant.I called in Greg, Ross and Bob and told them of the impending arrival of Andy McTee and they too seemed delighted, not that they disliked teaching English, but it really was not their cup of tea, though I personally thought Ross was good at teaching.The news of three new arrivals created a petite underage pussy stir, and half a dozen slaves found things to do in the courtyard until the Transit van arrived just after six o'clock. I nudity picture underage told Aziz to have them go off about their business and the mere sight of Yedo bearing down on them was sufficient for all to scatter.While waiting for the arrival of the van, underage russian fuck it occurred to me that I had not actually seen up close the effects of the removal of the rings and ornamentation on the previous four slaves the month previously. So I had the four mining slaves, as I still thought of them in my mind called for my personal underage naked teen inspection.Pete, Randy, Raoul and Todd arrived somewhat apprehensively to the retraining room. `A little fear is not a bad thing,' I thought, but pretending not to notice their fear, I went out to meet them.The four had had nipple rings taken out and their nipples were underage ass rape now perfectly healed and sealed. Randy's scrotum, hanging down about four-inches under the tip of his penis, showed no apparent signs of ill-effect due to underage little cunts its previously being cinched, but they did look very low-hanging , and Raoul's balls, photos underage teens according to himself were working fine.As we were speaking the Transit van arrived with the new slaves, and I told Randy to go and call Food and Drink, Mamoud and Mehmed.The three slaves appeared disorientated on getting out of the van, their wrists tied behind their heads to neck collars.Yuriy got rid of the collars and the three stood massaging chaffed muscles.Greg came out of the slaves' quarters and caused a bit of a stir when he produced a wire and bolt cutters.I went up to Stan, the New Zealander, first, whose eyes were open wide taking in his surrounding and the detail of the courtyard.`Now stand very still, Stan, while these rings are taken off you.'He did not move a muscle, even when the nose ring was cut off.Beckoning Andy McTee over, he too never flinched when the nipple rings and chain were removed though the weight of the two rings and chain hanging on one nipple for some time must have been causing considerable pain.Hassan Dufhar scrotum stretcher caused more difficulty because of its location and size, but Greg had it off in about five minutes at which stage, Food and Drink and the two other Mehmed and Mamoud has arrived, the former too prancing around as usual unable ever to keep still and the latter giving their usual half-grins.I said to the three slaves, `the slaves here will take you now and shower you, wash you, shave you, cut your hair and otherwise make you presentable. They will give you something to eat' -- I said to Food to get 3 biscuits each for them - `and water to drink.'`Tonight, they will share a bed with you as your bedmate and do anything to your body that they want to do, this is, what you allow them to do. Tomorrow night, you will do to their bodies anything that you want to do and that they allow. They can be, I can assure you, quite skilled in sex.'The underage drunks three looked at me in disbelief as they were led off to be showered. Mamoud and Mehmed were grinning wildly. I indicated to Food and Drink to go with Hassan, the Arabic teacher and they danced their usual little dance of glee.to be continued...
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